Monday, October 24, 2005

I came out of this weekend with an absurd number of photographs of my scooter. I came from this last one with a whole lot of excess photos, but if anyone wants to see my scooter, I totally have that covered! Most of them are standard shots, and I think a few that did not make the cut are worth something.

The first shot is of Rie and the scooter. I like it because she basically lives back there these days. In later photos I used the rear view mirror better, but none looked as good as this one.

This was taken with the camera sitting on the seat in super low light. I just fiddled with the keys. Its not super good, but I think it is interesting. The others ones are good, but not super good, but not interesting. So this made the cut.

I was AMPED about this photo (and still am). The camera was sitting on a ledge next to the scooter. Its actually one of my favorite photos that I have taken. Not only do I think it looks tight, but it looks genuinly better in Sepia, which rocks hard! I think it was nine second exposure. I was in it for about five or six seconds. Check out the full sized image, it really was lucky.


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