Sunday, May 07, 2006

I like this photo because 1 - Ronald looks aptly evil and 2 - in the background you can see 王, Chinese for King. Any number of themes off of this, from close ups to symbology (man McDs is up in this blog).

I hope you recognize the character. Its home in Chinese, and perhaps in Japanese as well.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Alright and for the next shot, Tea, Coffee, or any beverage. Good luck

Here’s one of the many machines I saw while in Tucson a week or so ago. I think it was an English surveillance plane, but I liked the composition and contrast. Upped the saturation a tad, but that’s it.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

This big ol'thing was in the mountains near my city. We will call the theme machines, and sorry about the long delay. I hope to take lots of photos today, so I might have a quicker response on the next one.

I had trouble taking a decent sports photo. When I finally had time, I went to the court with my camera. But this one day there was almost no one there. I ended up being in a lot of games, and because they just had six people, I could not sit out much without being socially awkward about it.

I have taken better sports photos, but I was determined not to hit the archive. So I took one of the photos and tried to play with the colors to show more of the atmosphere of that specific court (which is very interesting and what I really wanted to caputre).

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ok so here’s another B&W from our recent Unnecessary Umlauts game, in which we had a massive moral victory over our enemies. This was only heightened by the orange slices you can see being toted by Ryan our Emperor, and Julio our Vice-Emperor. Oh and you know we had our Capri Sun’s as well. Anyway let’s just go with a sport shot. Hope all is well in Tainan. Ciao

Alright, so I’m assuming we were going for kids, and here’s the best that I could get without being that weird twenty something guy snapping shots at children. It was taken down on pearl if you couldn’t recognize. Just threw it into monochrome and a bit of sharpening.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

This was a tough debate for the photo to put up here. The trip included a lot of kids (of staff members and family), so I got a lot of kids photos. There are three that I really liked, but this one I decided was my favorite for putting up here. One thing I like about it was that the kid ran up the entire hill because of me. He started to run a little way up and I saw him and yelled "跑跑跑跑" (run run run run). The kid came flying up the hill, right down the middle of the road. Later I got another little girl to run around a little circle which led to noticeably cute photos.

Sorry about the long delay. I didn't want to put up something without at least a vague connection to your photo. There are not exactly a lot of animals in Tainan, but I went to the mountains recently and took far too many photos. No wild animals, but one overly tame one.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Ok there is nothing to this picture other than my affection for it. So no theme, just throw up a favorite of yours.

Ok so here are some more shots on my last visit to NYC. I couldn’t get that many exterior shots, but these should do. Anway here they are.

Friday, February 17, 2006

These three pictures are from one of the biggest temples in Taiwan. I have a lot of photos that I really liked from it and just picked three that showed different aspects of it. The temple was simply massive, religion has got money money money here.

What is interesting, is despite the sheer complexity and size of it, including many floors, bridges, moats, and shrines galore (both Daoist and Buddist), its not even the largest in Taiwan (at least my friends did not think it was).

Anyway, the first is a celling of a shrine. The second is of and from one of the many bridges. I took a lot of photos from here, and none of them came out as well as they should have, grr...

The last one is a little building to house a truly massive drum.

So a three photo set of a place is up.

This one is not that special, but it is pretty funny.

At this big fireworks celebration for the ending of the brunt of Chinese New Year, they have both real big fireworks and thousands upon thousands of little firecrackers. For the latter, they set up big firework stands that shoot up bottle rockets. Then they put them on their side and shoot them into a crowd of people (on purpose). I was originally going to put one of the better (its a pain to photograph, too much smoke, and you know, the threat of my camera taking a direct hit) photos of fireworks pouring into a crowd of people and calling that a silly human trick. Instead I put up this one because it emphasized one person rather than a crowd of people.

This guy, and his two wives went out into the open area they cleared for the stands before things got going. Thus in front of a great deal of people (when you include the massive crowd that could see from the temple, think over a thousand). They each got a $1,000 NT for embarassing themselves (about $33).