Monday, January 16, 2006

Also another photo from my holiday trip back home. This was a cool door in the subway at astor place. Which, if you go to law school in NY im sure youll see it once or twice. Anyway the theme is doors, gates, portals or anyhitng in that area. Not much PP, bumped the contrast, USM and thats about it.

Alright, I happened to have what i thought was a cool shot on my hard-drive so ill post it here. The reason for all the boxes is due to my sister moving into her new place, and our first meal being take out explains the rest.

And the theme is food.

I am obsessed with these little stands at night markets. They have candied strawberries and tomatoes. I bought one at this stand and it was wicked good. They are always great photos, but i never seem to get them right. This is the best one I have, but I wish it were better.

That said, these are not excuses, next round, its on!

This image is already so-so, but might just look terrible on a PC. The problem is that PC monitors wash out dark blacks, so the bottom half of the image might get destroyed. That said, you are not missing much, I just want to get something going.

Anyway, this is a photo of the New Year's Eve Celebration we went to at the 市政府 City Hall!