Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ok so here’s another B&W from our recent Unnecessary Umlauts game, in which we had a massive moral victory over our enemies. This was only heightened by the orange slices you can see being toted by Ryan our Emperor, and Julio our Vice-Emperor. Oh and you know we had our Capri Sun’s as well. Anyway let’s just go with a sport shot. Hope all is well in Tainan. Ciao

Alright, so I’m assuming we were going for kids, and here’s the best that I could get without being that weird twenty something guy snapping shots at children. It was taken down on pearl if you couldn’t recognize. Just threw it into monochrome and a bit of sharpening.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

This was a tough debate for the photo to put up here. The trip included a lot of kids (of staff members and family), so I got a lot of kids photos. There are three that I really liked, but this one I decided was my favorite for putting up here. One thing I like about it was that the kid ran up the entire hill because of me. He started to run a little way up and I saw him and yelled "跑跑跑跑" (run run run run). The kid came flying up the hill, right down the middle of the road. Later I got another little girl to run around a little circle which led to noticeably cute photos.

Sorry about the long delay. I didn't want to put up something without at least a vague connection to your photo. There are not exactly a lot of animals in Tainan, but I went to the mountains recently and took far too many photos. No wild animals, but one overly tame one.