Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Alright and for the next shot, Tea, Coffee, or any beverage. Good luck

Here’s one of the many machines I saw while in Tucson a week or so ago. I think it was an English surveillance plane, but I liked the composition and contrast. Upped the saturation a tad, but that’s it.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

This big ol'thing was in the mountains near my city. We will call the theme machines, and sorry about the long delay. I hope to take lots of photos today, so I might have a quicker response on the next one.

I had trouble taking a decent sports photo. When I finally had time, I went to the court with my camera. But this one day there was almost no one there. I ended up being in a lot of games, and because they just had six people, I could not sit out much without being socially awkward about it.

I have taken better sports photos, but I was determined not to hit the archive. So I took one of the photos and tried to play with the colors to show more of the atmosphere of that specific court (which is very interesting and what I really wanted to caputre).